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Extra Curricular

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Our all-inclusive academic program also implements forward thinking extra-curricular activities and classes that encourages students to access all parts of their brain. Fern Academy offers exciting multi-cultural and language classes as well as Music, Dancing, Reader’s Club, Coding, and more 21st century life skills. 


In addition to these academically-rich classes, we offer life-essential lessons on a daily basis and instill important qualities and values. At Fern Academy, we focus on these holistic academic, social, and emotional enriching lessons to develop our children to become future global leaders

Cultural & Language Immersion

With the goal of creating multilingual and empathetic leaders, our Culture and Language programs are designed to reinforce and encourage values important to our academy: open-mindedness through the lens of another language. These language skills are important to begin learning as this allows children to use different parts of the brain.

Creative Art

Our Creative Art program is designed to help children develop both gross and fine motor skills.  We encourage our students to discover their imagination through visual art while embracing their individuality.  While building and improving their hand-eye coordination activities, our students build confidence in expressing their uniqueness.

Music Exploration

Our Music Exploration program is designed to accompany our early development classes in the exploration of knowledge and cultures.  Songs, rhythm, melody, and other auditory activities improve children’s daily engagements and tasks.  The Music Exploration classes guide our students in their social-emotional and cultural development while supporting their unique freedom of expression.

Fern Dance Studio

The Fern Dance Studio program encourages individuality with rhythm and movement.  Our dance classes will introduce students to their innate ability to express themselves through their bodies, while also promoting exercise on a regular basis.

Fern Kitchen

Food is a major part of every culture, so we want our students to explore the flavors of the world in a fun and nutritional way.  Through the Fern Kitchen program, your child will be immersed in various dishes while learning about the origin of each.  Where culture meets food, that’s where the fun begins!

S.T.E.A.M Powered Lab

Our hands-on S.T.E.A.M. Program provides students with the opportunity to explore the world of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. With interactive and stimulating activities designed for kids, this program encourages students to experiment and build their knowledge by constantly asking questions and searching for answers.

Kids Coding

Today’s children are growing up in a digital era. With this program designed for kindergarteners, the Introduction to Coding class builds the foundation for students to find interest in the world of Computer Science. This class combines art and science, allowing students to explore creatively while experimenting through the digital world.

Reader's Club

Initially implemented successfully in Blue Ribbon Academy of Youth Education, the Reader’s Club was designed to encourage students to pursue their passion for reading. With access to countless books through a partnership with Epic!, students and educators have a vast variety of topics to engage in.  This program strengthens our students' interest in Literacy, self-expression in a given language, comprehension, and symbol, letter, and print knowledge.

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