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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

About Us

Fern Academy’s parent school, Blue Ribbon Academy of Youth Education, grew up in the local Chino community. After five successful years, Blue Ribbon expanded into Fern Academy. We recognized the value our S.T.E.A.M.-focused trilingual inclusive curriculum brought to students and sought to further our goal of empowering children to succeed by establishing meaningful connections. At Fern Academy, we continue to instill values and challenge our children to be the best they can be by bringing bigger and better experiences to our future global leaders.


We are a community of more than just educators. The Fern community lays the foundation for children to pursue and achieve their dreams by exposing them to diverse academically, socially, and emotionally enriching experiences. We empower our students to think beyond themselves, while being confident and tapping into their own potential to be a self-starter and achieve success with our support. Every day is a new adventure for our students to challenge themselves and grow in a safe environment.

With a focus on academic, we strive to provide our students with the best quality of learning and growing.  Our goal is to prepare your little ones for success as students, scholars, and global citizens.  We equip each student with the foundational tools and skills they need to become successful and happy members of society.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional education to help children reach their academic and life goals. We strive to foster each child's intellectual, social, physical, and moral development in an academically-rich trilingual inclusive environment. To achieve this, we work as a team with students, families, and communities. Together we will Explore the wonders of this ever-changing world, Experiment with the diversity in our lives, and Exceed the expectations of our future.

Girls in Painting Class

Our Values

Nurture & Compassion

Every child has a unique journey of growth and development.  We believe in a caring and nourishing approach to give your child a safe space to express themselves.


All ideas and points of view are important!  We have an open-minded attitude about learning– everyone is heard.  So, rest assured that your child will be coming into a welcoming environment, everyday. 

Integrity & Respect

We develop our morals from a young age.  This is why Fern Academy holds high standards for honesty and ethics.  We should honor others as we honor ourselves. 


We pride ourselves on providing an educational approach to your child’s daycare experience.  When your child enters our doors, they’ll be receiving quality teaching from our experienced, hand-picked educators.

Innovation & Exploration

Times are always changing, and we believe in keeping up!  With so many different classes, programs, and clubs to choose from, we pride ourselves on our contemporary programs, including virtual classrooms, coding classes, and more opportunities for our students to explore new skills.


Variety is always better.  Here, your child will be immersed in the countless beautiful cultures of the world, while also cherishing their own.  For example, our Trilingual Little Readers program leads the way in exposing children to literature in several languages early on (English, Mandarin, and Spanish).

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

At Fern Academy, our priority is ensuring the health, safety and protection of every child. 


Our child-centered classrooms feature Active Pure Technology® proven to eliminate 99.99% of airborne Coronavirus in three minutes. ActivePure Technology works immediately. Unlike other air purifiers that require pathogens to make their way to the filter to be captured, devices with ActivePure release safe ActivePure Molecules which make their way to pathogens and contaminants on surfaces and in the air, neutralizing them on impact.

Coronavirus Protocols & Precautions 

Given the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic that has spread through our country, Fern Academy wants to assure our families, and students that we continue to monitor the situation closely.


We will be taking extra precautions to ward off Coronavirus. We are taking these extra steps to support the health and safety of your children, your family and our staff.


Please take note of the following changes to our policies and procedures:


Check-In and Pick-Up

• Families will be greeted at the door where a staff member will greet the child(ren). Parents and other family members will not be allowed inside the childcare program.

• Children and staff will be required to wash their hands immediately upon entering the building and hourly throughout the day. When children are received for drop-off, they will be escorted into the nearest bathroom where their hands will be washed prior to being brought to their classroom/childcare area.

• Upon your arrival to pick up your child, a staff member will bring your child out to you. Doing so will limit direct contact and help us to maintain social distancing.


Healthy Environment

• We will separate children into smaller groups that fall within state or local guidelines.

• We will not share equipment and will clean equipment between uses.

• We will keep all classrooms separated to reduce the number of children in one area and to reduce the possibility of viral transmission.

• Staff and children will wear face coverings while indoors.

• Staff will disinfect high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, light switches, faucets, toys and games that children play with at least once daily.

• We will perform an enhanced deep cleaning every Saturday in all areas, on all touched surfaces.

• Staff will have access to anti-bacterial hand sanitizers and disposable gloves and use them as needed.

• Staff will wash/scrub their hands and children’s hands often, especially upon arrival, after coming in contact with bodily fluids, after outdoor play and before/after preparing food or drinks, meals, diapering or toilet use, medication administration.

• No program tours will be given until further notice to reduce the number of visitors in the building.

Should you have any questions or concerns about our COVID-19 protocols and preclusions, please feel free to contact us at


Thank you for your understanding and patience as we implement these new procedures. Our goal is to minimize disruption while at the same time keeping you, your family and our staff healthy and well.



Fern Academy Educational Childcare Team

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