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Fern Academy Plus

At Fern Academy, one of our goals is to be more inclusive in all ways. Our mission is to cater towards each student’s unique needs to help reach their full potential. When it comes to the learning process, we want to make sure the Fern experience truly encapsulates as much as possible for everyone.

Home School

Virtual Classrooms

Like many institutions in 2020, we rapidly switched to virtual learning. While we see the merits of in-person classes, we also want to all students’ individual needs to be met by also offering virtual classes so that no child is left behind from our life enriching classes.

Music & Movement 

Music, singing, and dancing have long proven to guide children in their development. Music encourages short and long-term memory, learning new cognitive and social skills, exercise and health benefits, and more! Sign your child up for a fun and educational Music & Movement course.


School Readiness
​We know what it feels like to want to hold on to your little one a little longer before sending them to school. So we’ve created the prefect in-between program– an virtual School Readiness course designed to prepare your child for all they need to start attending school. And what better place for them to do that than from the comfort of your own home, by your side? Through this course, our students receive the academic and social-emotional preview they need to be ready for grade level school.


Little Readers– Trilingual (English, Spanish, & Mandarin)
​Children’s brains are like sponges– they soak up all the knowledge presented to them. Why not take advantage of their young age, and present them with foreign languages? Learning to read and write in any language is beautiful and rewarding, and we believe that learning additional ones multiplies the beauty and reward. Trust us, children can handle it and thrive on it. Our English, Spanish, and Mandarin teachers are ready to immerse into language and culture with their students!

Community Outreach

As a part of our all-inclusive experience at Fern Academy, we also offer community outreach opportunities by partnering with local businesses and educational institutions. These collaborations serve to build a better foundation for these future global leaders. Examples include:

Children’s Hospital
​Our biggest wish for all children around the world is the equal opportunity to learn, explore, and adventure. Sorrowfully, this is not always the case, especially for children fighting disease and illness.  Fern Academy roots to include all children, as they should all be welcomed and celebrated in our community.  We plan recurring fund raisers, toy drives, virtual visits, and multiple other outreach programs and activities to ensure that children recovering in hospitals are feeling loved and included by their peers, while also teaching our students the benefits of helping others.


Kids Museum
​We believe in the power of field trips!  Going out into the world and visiting places is one of the most powerful learning tools there is.  That’s why, whenever possible (following COVID-19 guidelines), we plan educational field trips to museums, where our students gain new knowledge, explore, ask questions, participate in activities, and make long lasting memories! 


Mountain Mike’s Pizza
​If it involves community involvement, we’re in!  We believe in the importance of supporting and being a real part of our community.  This is why Fern Academy plans regular visits to local vendors, like Mountain Mike’s Pizza, for fun days of group activities, such as building your own pizza.  Being a good community member goes hand-in-hand with being a good student, citizen, and person. 

Children in the Garden
Mother and Daughter Love


At the Fern Academy, we offer the opportunity for all Fern parents to play an active role in their child’s experience by inviting them to join this close-knit Fern community.

​Join us in our Parenting Seminars where we discuss everything related to your child’s education, our teaching beliefs and methods, how to help your children succeed, and more.  Contact us to inquire about our next Parent Seminar meeting.


​Here you will find a space of shared blogs, articles, and useful tips that agree with Fern Academy’s values.  These will be uploaded on a rolling basis.  We encourage our community members to share their discoveries, information, and advice on our blog.  If you would like to share your findings, please email us with a working link and a brief message about your discovery.


Complimentary Offerings
​Check here regularly to learn about free offers and special events happening at Fern Academy. 

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