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Now Enrolling for 2023 & Beyond


From 2 years old to after school programs for children up to 12 years old, we have a home for your family members at Fern Academy.


For More Information:

Call: (909) 918-5522

Text: (909)-696-9638
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  • What does Trilingual Immersion mean?
    Trilingual Immersion is when three different cultures (and their languages) are embedded within each other, so that those learning the vocabulary, written characters, pronunciations, practices, or customs of one culture, are also constantly immersed in the same areas of the other two cultures. At Fern Academy Educational Child Care, we strive to foster a Trilingual Immersion program which focuses on three primary cultures and languages--English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. Students enrolled in our Trilingual Immersion School Readiness Program are constantly exposed to the written characters, pronunciations, and vocabulary regarding the eight domains from the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) designed by the California Department of Education.
  • What are the benefits of Trilingual Immersion?
    Children who are constantly exposed to a multilingual academic environment are considerably more likely to become more globally aware and appreciative of the differences in our world and society. In return, these global citizens will develop a stronger desire to learn more about the diverse people and world around them. Starting to promote these skills early in a child’s life is key, in order for students reap the gamut of positive outcomes. Research shows that the earlier children are exposed to a language, the more likely there are to attain native-like proficiency. Young learners’ brains can become supercharged, when they work to associate a meaning through more than just one language. During this time, students also gain secondary benefits such as enhanced cognitive development. These skills help to promote academic readiness and highlight the importance of school achievement in subsequent years. Children grow up learning to communicate using a language other than English; thus, giving them a competitive edge in school, college, and later on in life in the global economy. This multilingual approach helps students to acquire additional life skills such as problem-solving, attentiveness, and organization—all while expanding upon their ability to communicate in an ever-evolving diverse society.
  • What is the tuition for Fern Academy?
    Please call or e-mail for the most up to date tuition rates. 909.918.5522
  • What is the Fern Academy COVID-19 Protocols?
    ActivePure Technology Air Filtration: We have installed brand new air filtration systems in our classrooms to create a safe indoor environment. ActivePure proactively eliminates bacteria, mold, fungus, and viruses in the air and on surfaces, including the flu, common cold, and the virus that causes COVID-19. Proven to eliminate 99.98% of airborne Coronavirus in three minutes, the ActivePure Technology works immediately upon contact with the virus. Temperature Checks & Masks: Out of an abundance of caution, all students and educators must undergo a temperature check upon arrival, and must wear masks in the classrooms. Frequent Hand Sanitation: Supervised hand-washing/sanitizing breaks are scheduled into daily routines (before snacks and lunch, after playing with manipulatives, after recess, and whenever else necessary/appropriate). Frequent Surface Disinfecting: Our educators and staff disinfect and sanitize tabletops and other surfaces multiple times throughout the day with child-safe products.
  • What safety and security measures are taken at Fern Academy?
    Security Cameras: Your child is in a safe space. Our multiple cameras throughout our center ensure the safety of all of the Fern Academy members. Secured Access: Our front door is guarded by security cameras and an exclusive access code for Fern Academy family members only.
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